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The TomTom Go 520 is the mid-range general of the Go range. It’s packed with high-end smarts but lacks the SIM functionality to make it truly premium.

It offers slick mapping, is easily updatable and it’s a cinch to set up and use. Then again, so is any phone packed with Google Maps. So, why would you want to buy a separate sat nav?

Convenience for a start, having a separate device dedicated to guiding you where to go means you aren’t reliant on fumbling through your phone – and its myriad message pop ups and other things to divert your attention – while in transit, as well as access to TomTom Maps which is still the best in the business.

The Go 520 stops short of being a must buy, mainly because of its puny battery life and reliance on your phone’s data for traffic updates. But these are small nitpicks compared to the features on offer.

Who’s it for and should I buy it?

The TomTom Go 520 is for those who want a sat nav packed with functionality but aren’t too fussed about it being ‘always connected’ and independent from your smartphone.

The Go 520 shares a number of similar features to its full-fat sibling, the TomTom Go 5200 but it does come without SIM functionality. This omission means the price drops significantly but it also means that you lose out on some notable extras, including real-time traffic reports.

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Tether it with a smartphone if you have one, though, and these features suddenly become available.

So, if you have a smartphone, don’t mind updating maps through Wi-Fi and fancy a good-looking sat nav in your vehicle this ticks all of those boxes.

Features and performance

The TomTom Go 520 retains the premium look and feel of the Go 5200. Gone is the fiddly mount of the more basic sat-nav range and in its place is a quick-release magnetic mount, that allows you to slip the sat nav out with ease.

Setup was simple. We recommend you connect it to your home Wi-Fi straight away. This is to make sure that the maps on the device are completely updated. The bonus is you don’t have to go anyway near computer, it’s all done in-device, just head to Updates & New Items in the settings pane.

Do make sure you give yourself enough time, however, as these updates can be chunky – around 7GB in our tests.

Using the sat nav will be easy for anyone who has touched a TomTom in recent years. There hasn’t really been an update to the UI of note for a while, but there has also been no reason for one.

Everything is clear and concise. The main functions are available right away and not buried beneath needless menus. When you start a journey, relevant information is presented as a strip on the right-hand side of the screen.

A little note on the screen: it’s capacitive (480×272), so much more like dealing with a phone screen than the resistive monstrosities of old, this makes zooming in and out of maps smoother and the ability to tap on a variety of icons much easier.

This is the beauty of TomTom’s UI, it all looks so simple, but most of the icons are hotspots for more information. Tap on them and you will be presented with contextual information about your journey.

Obviously you can just not do this and simply follow the blue arrow to your destination but it’s nice to have the choice.

Although hooking up to a phone for data won’t be for everyone, TomTom has made it as simple as possible – no pesky apps to download, just connect via Bluetooth.

There is another reason to connect a phone to the sat nav, too, and that is voice control and voice assistant. You get hands-free calling, which is pretty much standard now, but you can also summon whichever voice assistant you are using – whether it’s Siri or Android’s offering.

There’s a button on the screen you need to press, once done you can can control your voice assistant as you would on the phone. It’s a great little feature that we used a lot in our tests.

And if you are happy to use your voice, there’s also TomTom’s own voice control functionality – summoned by saying Hello TomTom. It didn’t work quite as well as we hoped – it took a number of times for it to understand the address we wanted – but it did eventually work in the end.

Final verdict

There is a lot to love about the TomTom Go 520, it’s smart, well built and simple to use. With voice functionality, intelligent rerouting and some of the best maps around, it’s a great sat-nav experience.

Its lack of connectivity while on the go will be an issue for some, though, but a simple hook-up to a smartphone should fix this.

The battery, as is the case for most sat navs, is short. Up to an hour is quoted but we never really got past the 45-minute mark. But most will use the supplied charger, given that a sat nav is usually used on longer journeys.

So there are niggles, but the pros very much outweigh the cons.

TomTom GO 520 In Car GPS Navigation

Product Info

Check out the TomTom GO 520 GPS Navigator’s Key Features
(TomTom GO520)

  • Genuine Australian TomTom Warranty
  • Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • 5″ Screen
  • World Maps (maps from around the world with free updates)
  • Speed Cameras Alerts
  • MyDrive Cloud App
  • TomTom Traffic via Smartphone
  • Hands-free calling
  • Updates via Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone messages
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now™
  • Active magnetic mount


Meet the TomTom GO 520 – the smarter, faster, better connected GPS navigation device. Wi-Fi® connectivity lets you update without a computer. Voice controlled hands-free calling and smartphone messages offer connectivity with safety. With TomTom MyDrive, plan routes on your phone and the GPS navigation device is ready when you get in the car. Maps, traffic and speed camera updates are all included – even get alerts for average speed zones.


Updates via Wi-Fi
Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom GO 520 via built-in Wi-Fi. No computer needed. Your GPS navigation device will notify you when new updates are available – simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network and choose what to install from the menu.1
Smartphone Messages
Hear text messages from your smartphone safely, with your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Let your TomTom GO 520 read them out for you or simply call contacts who message you via hands-free calling. All while the phone stays in your pocket.2

Compatible with Siri and Google Now™
Activate and talk to Siri or Google Now™ by tapping a button on your TomTom GO 520 and using its built-in microphone. Get full access to your personal assistant with your phone safely tucked away in your bag or pocket saving battery life.3
Destination Prediction
TomTom GO 520 learns your driving habits and predicts when you’re likely to drive to frequent destinations saved in My Places. Thanks to smart learning, the more you drive with it the more accurate its predictions will become.

Hands-free calling
Your TomTom GO 520’s speaker and microphone are designed for high-quality, hands-free calls in the car. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth. You’ll clearly see who’s calling on your GPS navigation device’s screen. Your phone stays safely away saving battery.4

Performance Upgraded
Start-up, destinations searches, route calculation – it’s all faster with TomTom GO 520’s upgraded processor. Each tap, swipe or voice command will be registered instantly so you can enjoy all the navigation you need with zero hassle.

TomTom Traffic
Insanely accurate traffic information enables your TomTom GO 520 to intelligently plan routes around traffic. With real-time updates from millions of drivers, it’s like having a huge network of friends helping you choose the best route to take.

World Maps
Download and update maps from around the world at no extra cost. Choose the best map for your trip from Australia and New Zealand, through Europe and Africa, all the way to North America. We’ve got you covered.

Speed Cameras
Advance warnings on your TomTom GO 520 will let you know whenever you’re approaching a fixed, mobile or average speed camera, and remind you of the speed limit. You can receive updated speed camera locations free of charge.

TomTom MyDrive
Plan routes, check live traffic and save favourites – anytime, anywhere – from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Your TomTom GO 520 will pick up any destinations or favourites set on MyDrive as soon as it powers on in the car and connects to your smartphone.5

Active Magnetic Mount
The unique magnetic mount makes it easy to install your TomTom GO 520 every time you drive. You can dock or undock your GPS navigation device in a second with one hand. Find the perfect spot in your car by adjusting the mount for either windscreen or dashboard use.

TomTom Services via Smartphone
Activate live services like traffic by connecting to your smartphone via the TomTom MyDrive app. Your TomTom GO 520 uses your smartphone’s data connection to provide you with real-time traffic, speed camera updates and MyDrive content. On average, less than 10 MB of data per month is used.6
1 We recommend to use a Wi-Fi network with a download speed of at least 30 MB/S, especially when updating maps which can be large downloads.
2 To find out which messaging apps are supported visit:
3 Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Now™ service is a trademark of Google Inc.
4 The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by TomTom is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
5 Supported TomTom models include: VIA 52 / 62; GO 40 / 50 / 60 / 51 / 61 / 400 / 500 / 510 / 520 / 600 / 610 / 620 / 5000 / 5100 / 5200 / 6000 / 6100 / 6200.
6 TomTom Services via Smartphone: To learn more and check compatibility, please visit

Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee
This product is supplied via TomTom Australia and enjoys the FULL benefits of the ‘Genuine TomTom Australian Warranty’. (You may also be entitled to other consumer warranties as provided by the Australian Consumer Guarantee and these entitlements are not limited by this warranty). In the event that this product should fail please contact our service department or you can speak with TomTom Australia directly.

We are a FULLY AUTHORISED Australian retailer for TomTom Australia.

Due to differing operating costs associated with selling products via different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or our Online Store, our pricing may vary as a result.

TomTom GO 520

Overview: The TomTom GO 520 is a portable navigation device with a 5″ capacitive-touch screen. It contains preloaded maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico on its built-in 16 GB memory. Maps from other parts of the world are available via free download. The GO 520 can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and receive real-time traffic, and lifetime map updates. It can also connect via Wi-Fi to receive map and software updates without a computer. The GO 520 has advanced navigation features such as 3D maps, advanced lane guidance, and voice control.

Active Magnetic Mount: The GO 520 comes with the Active Magnetic mount which includes an integrated suction cup for installing the unit in your vehicle. The included power cable plugs into the mount, not the device, so you can easily and quickly dock or undock your GPS device without having to plug or unplug. The Active Magnetic mount can be installed on the windshield or on the dashboard (using the supplied adhesive disk). The magnetic dock is on a ball-and-socket swivel to let you aim the screen for best visibility.

Lifetime Map Updates: With the Lifetime World Map Updates subscription, you can download up to four map data updates per year from the TomTom website. Maps of the USA, Canada, and Mexico are loaded into the device for use out of the box. You have the option to download additional maps from around the world at no extra cost through MyDrive Connect. As map updates become available, you can download them to your device, so you always have the latest maps. You must first register your device and create a TomTom account.

5″ Capacitive-touch LCD: The GO 520 features a large 5″ widescreen capacitive-touch LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. The screen responds similarly to today’s smartphones and tablets, allowing you to pinch to zoom in or out, and swipe to move map around.

Rechargeable Battery: The unit has an internal Lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery offers approximately 1 hour of autonomous operation when not plugged into the vehicle’s power source. The GO 520 comes with a car charger and a 5′ USB power cord. The power cord can be removed and the car charger’s USB port can be used to power other electronic devices (Output is 5V DC/1.2A).

TomTom MyDrive: TomTom MyDrive is a smartphone app that works with your GO 520 to give you the most up-to-date information about traffic along your route. Not only do you receive up-to-the-minute traffic reports as you travel, you can check the traffic along your route. This lets you plan ahead of time which route you’re going to take. MyDrive lets you set your destination on your smartphone or tablet, and send it to your GO 520 before you get in the car. You can save your favorite destinations and access them by tapping them on the map. As you drive, you can enjoy hand-free calling, access to Siri or other voice assistants, or listening to your text messages through the device. TomTom MyDrive is compatible with iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.0 or later, and with Android devices with OS 3.0 and up.

Voice Control: TomTom’s Voice Control technology lets you speak commands and destination addresses instead of selecting items on the screen. This lets you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You will need to set up a «wake-up» phrase to start Voice Control, then speak the commands you want the GO 520 to perform. You can use Voice Control for navigation and routing, and to change settings on the device. In many cases, the GO 520 will recognize different words that all mean the same thing, such as «OK,» «Correct,» or «Right» instead of «Yes.»

Routing Technology: The GO 520 calculates your routes based on the real average speed measured on roads rather than the posted speed limits. Intelligent routing takes into account the time of day you’re traveling a road, and how rush hour traffic, pedestrian traffic, and traffic light changes can affect actual traffic speed. You will get a more accurate ETA and the fastest recommended route based on real world data.

Advanced Lane Guidance: When navigating difficult intersections, the GO 520 uses realistic images and arrows to indicate which lane to take to best negotiate the turns.

Points Of Interest: The GO 520 gives you access to millions of pre-loaded Points of Interest (POIs) including gas stations, parking, restaurants, cash machines, and lots more. The POIs are indicated by icons, and in some cases, logos of the business. You can select which POI categories you want to display.

Favorite Locations: The Favorite menu allows you to store into memory those locations that you visit frequently. You can choose a favorite location the same way you choose a destination. The following menu options are available; Home, Address, Recent Destination, Point Of Interest, Point On Map, GPS Position (allows you to store your current location quickly), latitude and longitude, and the location where your TomTom was last used.

What a privilege to live in an era where traffic conditions and directions are available immediately. Satellite navigation systems, better known as sat navs, feature this data through a variety of prices and options. TomTom GO 520 is a perfect example of how that company combines a lower price on their mid-range GO 520 while providing an opportunity to enjoy satellite navigation. Built-in Wi-Fi produces a simpler way to update maps and other data without waiting for the information to arrive. The internal memory holds 16 GB. GO 520 has an approximate one-hour battery life. That limits its effectiveness away from a charger, although it is typical of similar units in this class. I could hardly wait to test the features to discover hands-on what TomTom built into the GO 5200’s little brother.

TomTom GO 520

About the Product

I was surprised at TomTom GO 520’s easy operation. The manufacturer really hasn’t changed the basics over the past few years, making the system familiar to anyone used to the brand. Make sure the maps are current by connecting to Wi-Fi before heading out on the road. Simply select “Updates & New Items” from the settings pane. No computer is necessary. The unit’s GPS provides alerts as further updates become available.

What’s noticeable right away is the sleek look and feel of the unit and the quick-release magnetic mount. Not only is the mount more stable while driving, the sat nav slips out quickly without a hassle when you want to carry it along.

GO 520’s communication is impressive, reading Smartphone text messages to the driver to avoid distraction. Talk and activate Google Now or Siri on GO520 by tapping the correct menu button and using the built-in microphone.

Comparison with Garmin DriveLuxe51LMT5

The Garmin DriveLuxe 51LMT-5, like the TomTom GO 520, offers free lifetime updates. While Garmin covers the US, US Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The GO 520 starts with North America and adds the world with a download. Multiple destination routing is available from the 51LMT, but not the GO520. TomTom’s screen is slightly smaller at 5 inches compared to Garmin’s 5.1 inch. Neither has a photo viewer or digital audio playback, while both have voice control and text to speech. Estimated battery life is identical. Garmin’s 51LMT5 uses a SmartLink app to access dynamic content services, while the GO520 uses TomTom My Drive. The big difference is the price, with the GO averaging more than $100 less. The magnetic mounts are similar. Routes are clear and detailed on both screens. Points of Interest (POI) appear, with the option of changing your route to arrive at the new destination. Garmin’s spoken commands are clearer than those of GO520. The descriptive script notifies drivers of convenient guides such as which lane to travel in for the next move.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi for updates
  • Quality, easy-to-follow maps
  • Voice control
  • Hands-free calling
  • Magnetic vehicle mount


  • Inferior battery life
  • No SIM functionality
  • Smartphone required for TomTom Traffic


The ability to download free updated maps via built-in Wi-Fi for areas being traveled makes the TomTom GO 520 a boon for any tourist or driver. The company’s first mid-range sat nav has a 5-inch touchscreen and easy to read menu. I found the display to be responsive and simple to follow. Access most navigation features through interaction with the voice control system. Plan routes ahead of time on the Smartphone and enjoy the convenience of a pre-arranged route. Life-time map service and a relatively low price for the features and services make the GO520 an excellent choice when a more detailed satellite navigation system isn’t needed.

TomTom Go 520 User Manual

  • Page 61 Tap this button to find the contact details and location of a service centre. Phone for help Tap this button to navigate your way by car to a service centre. Drive to help Tap this button to navigate your way on foot to a service centre. Walk to help Tap this button to see your current location on the map.
  • Page 62: Connecting To Your Phone

    Hands-free calling Hands-free calling If you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth®, you can use your TomTom GO to make phone calls and send and receive messages. Note: Not all phones are supported or compatible with all features. For more information, go to

  • Page 63: Making A Call

    Note: You can copy your phonebook to your TomTom GO at any time. From the Mobile phone menu, tap Get numbers from phone. Not all phones can transfer their phonebook to your GO. For more information, visit Making a call Once you have established a connection with your phone, you can start making calls.

  • Page 64 Auto-answer You can tell your TomTom GO to answer every call automatically after a certain time. Tap Phone preferences in the mobile phone menu, then tap Auto-answer preferences. Select when your TomTom GO will automatically answer your calls. Sharing your TomTom GO To add more phones, do the following.
  • Page 65 Tap this button to manage the mobile phones that will be connected to your TomTom GO. You can add a profile for up to five different mobile phones. Manage phones…
  • Page 66 Favourite. To enter the name, just start typing. You don’t have to delete the suggested name. Tap this button to use TomTom Local search with Google search to help you find shops and businesses and save the location as a Favourite.
  • Page 67 Select the location of the Favourite using the cursor, then tap Done. Point on map Tap this button to create a Favourite by entering latitude and longitude values. Latitude Longitude Tap this button to create a Favourite of the current position of a TomTom Buddy. TomTom Buddy…
  • Page 68 Tap this button to select your last recorded position as your destination. Position of last stop How can I use a Favourite? You will normally use a Favourite as a way of navigating to a place without having to enter the address. To navigate to a Favourite, do the following: 1.
  • Page 69: Music And Media

    On your TomTom GO you can store and view photos and text documents. Photos must be saved as .jpg or .bmp and text files as .txt files.

  • Page 70: Now Playing

    D Go to the previous or next song. E Play or Pause the selected song. F Tap the Back button to go back to the TomTom Jukebox player. The music continues to play. Tap Playing… in the Jukebox to open the Jukebox and control the music.

  • Page 71: Looking At Photos

    FM Transmitter, you may have to change to another frequency. Using your iPod® with your TomTom GO You can also control your iPod using your GO. An Active Dock that enables you to connect you iPod to your GO is available is a an accessory.

  • Page 72 D Tap Delete to delete a photo.
  • Page 73: Live Services

    Renewing your LIVE Services subscription using your GO 1. In the Main Menu, tap TomTom Services and then tap My Services. The current status of your LIVE Services is shown. 2. Tap on the service you want to renew.

  • Page 74: Tomtom Hd Traffic

    Fuel Prices The Fuel Prices service sends up-to-date information about fuel prices directly to your TomTom GO or via TomTom HOME when your GO is connected to your computer. Search for the best fuel prices To search for the cheapest fuel prices, do the following.

  • Page 75: Using Local Search

    6. Tap Select to plan a route to the location. Your TomTom GO plans a route to the location you selected. TomTom Safety Alerts The TomTom Safety Alerts service warns you about a variety of locations including: • Safety camera locations.

  • Page 76 Driving View. Your TomTom GO informs you when your LIVE Services subscription is due for renewal. You can use your GO to inform TomTom that you wish to renew your current subscription. For more information about LIVE Services subscription and payment terms,…
  • Page 77: Safety Notice

    TomTom HD Traffic HD Traffic is a unique TomTom LIVE Service for receiving up-to-date traffic TomTom HD Traffic information. For more information about services and subscriptions, go to In combination with IQ Routes, HD Traffic helps you plan the best possible route to your destination taking into account the latest traffic information.

  • Page 78 You can re-plan the route to avoid all delays, but this new route will take longer than the quickest route already shown. 3. Tap Done. Tip: You can let your TomTom device automatically minimise traffic delays for you. Minimise delays You can set HD Traffic to minimise traffic delays on your route each time the latest traffic information updates are received.
  • Page 79: Making Commuting To Work Easier

    In the example, the sidebar shows you that there are two incidents ahead. To re-plan your route to avoid these incidents, tap the sidebar to open the TomTom traffic menu, then tap Minimise traffic delays. Note: To make the Traffic sidebar more readable some incidents may not be shown.

  • Page 80: Checking Traffic Incidents In Your Area

    Get an overview of the traffic situation in your area, using the map. To find local incidents and their details, do the following: 1. Tap TomTom Traffic in the Main Menu. 2. Tap Browse map. The map browser screen is shown.

  • Page 81: Traffic Incidents

    Traffic incident symbols: Accident Road works One or more lanes closed Road closed Traffic incident Traffic jam Weather related symbols: Rain Wind Snow Note: The incident avoided symbol is shown for any traffic incident that you avoid using TomTom HD Traffic.

  • Page 82: Traffic Menu

    Show home- work traffic Tap this button to browse the map and see the traffic information displayed on the map. Browse map Tap this button to change your preferences for how TomTom HD Traffic works on your device. Change Traffic preferences…

  • Page 83: Safety Camera Warnings

    TomTom Safety Alerts The TomTom Safety Alerts service warns you about a variety of locations TomTom Safety Alerts including: • Safety camera locations. • Accident blackspot locations. • Mobile safety camera locations. • Average speed camera locations. • Toll road camera locations.

  • Page 84: Changing The Way You Are Warned

    Changing the way you are warned To change the way your TomTom GO warns you about safety cameras, tap the Change warning preferences button. You can then set how close you want to be to a safety camera before you Change warning are warned and what type of sound will be played.

  • Page 85: Reporting A New Safety Camera While At Home

    To report a new safety camera location while you are at home, do the following: 1. Tap TomTom Services in the Main Menu. 2. Tap TomTom Safety Cameras. 3. Tap Report safety camera. 4. Tap Mobile camera or Fixed camera depending upon the type of safety camera.

  • Page 86 All other types of camera that do not fall into any of the above categories. Other camera TomTom Safety Camera menu To open the Safety Cameras menu, tap the TomTom Services in the Main Menu and then tap TomTom Safety Cameras. Tap this button to report a new safety camera location.
  • Page 87 Tap this button to enable automatic updates for your list of mobile safety camera locations. The list of fixed safety cameras is not updated automatically as they don’t change as often as mobile cameras. Enable automatic updates Tap this button to enable the report button. The report button is shown in the Driving View or in the quick menu.
  • Page 88: Introducing Tomtom Home

    TomTom HOME is a free application for your computer that helps you manage Introducing TomTom HOME the contents of your TomTom GO navigation device. It is a good idea to frequently connect to HOME to ensure you always have the latest updates on your device.

  • Page 89: Important Safety Notices And Warnings

    TomTom device. TomTom does not accept any liability for the availability and accuracy of GPS. Use with Care Use of a TomTom device for navigation still means that you need to drive with due care and attention. Aircraft and Hospitals Use of devices with an antenna is prohibited on most aircraft, in many hospitals and in many other locations.

  • Page 90 Note: this Minnesota Stature applies to anyone driving in Minnesota, not just Minnesota residents. TomTom Inc. bears no responsibility for any fines, penalties or damage that may be incurred by disregarding this notice. While driving in any state with windshield mounting restrictions, TomTom recommends the use of the…
  • Page 91 If the user modifies the equipment or its peripherals in any way, and these modifications are not approved by TomTom, the FCC may withdraw the user’s right to operate the equipment. For customers in the USA, the following booklet prepared by the Federal Communications Commission may be of help: “How to Identify and…
  • Page 92: Weee Directive

    The information in this document is subject to change without notice. TomTom shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein; nor for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the performance or use of this material.

  • Page 93: Copyright Notices

    © 2008 TomTom International BV, The Netherlands. TomTom™ e il logo delle «due mani» fanno parte dei marchi, delle applicazioni e dei marchi registrati di proprietà di TomTom International B.V. La nostra garanzia limitata e il contratto di licenza per l’utente finale vengono applicati a questo prodotto, è…

  • Page 94 Podeu consultar ambdós documents a © 2008 TomTom International BV, Países Baixos. TomTom™ e o logótipo das «duas mãos» fazem parte das marcas comerciais, aplicações ou marcas comerciais registadas cuja proprietária é a TomTom International B.V. A nossa garantia limitada e contrato de licença de utilizador final relativas ao…
  • Page 95 ürün içindir; adresinden ikisine de göz atabilirsiniz © 2008 TomTom International BV, Holanda. TomTom™ e o logotipo de «duas mãos» estão entre as marcas comerciais, aplicativos ou marcas registradas possuídas pela TomTom International B.V. Nossa garantia limitada e acordo de licenciamento do usuário final para o software incluído se aplicam para…
  • Page 96 © BEV, GZ 1368/2008. © Geonext/DeAgostini. © Norwegian Mapping Authority, Public Roads Administration / © Mapsolutions. © DAV. This product includes mapping data licensed from Ordnance Survey with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown copyright and/or database right 2008.
  • Page 97 The focus is on Earth’s climate and environmental change:…
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