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Nueva Transformer XT PLUS : seguridad con la mayor comodidad de asiento y utilización.

La silla de auto TRANSFORMER XT PLUS de CONCORD supone un importante salto en cuanto a función, seguridad y

diseño, por su gran capacidad de transformación y su sorprendente comodidad de uso para su bebe.

Gracias al exclusivo sistema VARIOSIZE, tanto la altura como la anchura del asiento son ajustables de forma

gradual y a la vez.

En su diseño, aúna una extraordinaria capacidad de transformación con una gran comodidad de utilización y

una consecuente seguridad.

Su forma de carcasa redonda ofrece una protección total al niño cada vez que se sale. Un gran cambio en

cuanto a transformación y comodidad de uso.

Su forma de carcasa cerrada para una protección continua frente a impactos laterales; todas las funciones

centrales ajustables cómodamente mediante un botón con resorte de gas.

Protección adicional frente a impactos laterales, el cojin de impacto actua como un airbag.

Sencilla fijacion a traves del arnes de 3 puntos del vehiculo.

Procomfort system:

Ajuste de la inclinación de posición sentada/recostada gradual mediante un botón.

Variosize System:

La altura del reposacabezas y la altura y el ancho de los protectores de la zona de hombros se pueden ajustar

gradualmente al mismo tiempo con un boton (acicion neumatica).

Twinfix System:

Sistema de bandas con fijacion isofix para un anclaje seguro al vehiculo.

Double layer impact protection:

Carcasa de proteccion de doble pared para una proteccion optima ante impactos laterales.

La guia del cinturon se abre al pulsar un boton, cierre automatico.

Fundas con equipamiento TRIZONE: segun la exposicion al desgaste confortables, transpirables y resistentes.


Sistema TWINFIX: para un anclaje al vehículo mas seguro, los anclajes TWINFIX se despliegan mediante un

botón, con sistema hidráulico de gas.

Sistema Variosize: altura del reposacabezas y altura y anchura de los protectores de los hombros regulables

a la vez y de forma gradual con un botó, mediante sistema hidráulico de gas.

Sistema Procomfort: regulación del asiento mediante botón, asistida por un sistema hidráulico de gas.

Equipamiento Trizona: según la exposición al desgaste, confortable transpirable o resistente.

Protección doble capa contra impactos: carcasa de seguridad de doble pared para una protección optima

frente a impactos laterales.

Guía del Cinturón: se abre mediante un botón y se cierra automáticamente.

Reposabrazos acolchado y blando.

Carcasa del asiento ergonómica.

Relleno de espuma confortable.

Maxima seguridad y gran comodidad de uso.La silla se ajusta de forma gradual con solo apretar un boton y se

adapta perfectamente al niño.

Ajuste gradual mediante boton de la altura del reposacabezas y de la altura y ancho de los protectores de la

zona de los hombros a la vez.

Despliegue de los conectores Twinfix mediante boton.

Apertura y cierre de la guia del cinturon mediante boton.

Carcasas de seguridad robustas de doble pared en la zona de la cabeza y de los hombros.

Proteccion optima de todo el cuerpo en caso de impactos laterales gracias a la forma de carcas cerrada.

Diseño unico de lineas claras que combina con todos los interiores del vehiculo.

Fundas con equipamiento Trizona : segun la exposicion al desgaste confortables , transpirables o resistentes.

Un enorme cambio en cuanto a funcion y diseño : la silla infantil para el coche CONCORD TRANSFORMER XT PLUS

ofrece una comodidad de uso nunca vista hasta ahora.

Reposacabezas,protectores en la zona de los hombros,inclinacion de la posicion sentada y tumbada:todas las

funciones basicas,asistidas por un sistema hidraulico de gas, se accionan mediante un boton.La silla se adapta

de forma gradual al crecimiento del niño y ofrece un confort optimo desde los 3 hasta los 12 años.

La forma de carcasa cerrada del asiento garantiza una maxima seguridad ara toda las edades. Con su diseño

independiente,la silla CONCORD TRANFORMER XT PLUS se convierte en un claro precursor: el asiento de una nueva


Concord Transformer XT review

If you thought you were leaving gadgets, adjustments, and long car naps behind now you’ve moved onto a Group 2/3 car seat, think again. The Concord Transformer XT is amazingly comfortable, adjustable and reclines at the touch of a button.


The Concord Transformer XT car seat has a side impact protector system with headrest and shoulder protectors that can be adjusted at the touch of a button, thanks to the unique gas hydraulic system. The same hydraulics are used for the recline facility meaning even a hefty 11-year-old can be moved into a more comfortable snooze position with the push of a button. It’s suitable from 15kg to 36kg, and is advertised as being suitable from 3 years, (depending on your child).

The twin-fix adaptors click out quickly and easily, instantly securing the seat firmly to the car if you have ISOFIX. This, combined with the closed shell whole body protection, side impact double shells and the seat belt guides, makes the Concord Transformer XT undeniably secure.

What we love

My 3-year-old son Finn was excited to try out his new ‘aeroplane seat’ (Grandpa had nicknamed it, astounded at how booster seats had changed over the years). I was sharing my dad’s concerns that this might well be overkill for a Group 2/3 car seat, until we set off on our journey to the station and within 10 minutes Finn was snoring gently in the back of the car.

The super comfy head rest with pillow-like softness literally envelopes your child’s head, and with the recline facility there was no stopping Finn’s eyelids from drooping – despite the fact I can count on one hand the number of daytime naps he’s had in the past six months!

The adjustments are very easy, although it’s worth playing around with the car seat before you first install it, as the hydraulics do need a bit of a prime to start working, as the manual explains.

Although the Concord Transformer XT is huge and very heavy, you can feel completely confident that this is as close as you can get to wrapping your 3-11 year old in cotton wool, at least while they’re in the car.

What to watch out for

This is the mother of all Group 2/3 car seats and hand in hand with great comfort, ease of use and safety comes its downfalls: it’s expensive, big and heavy.

If you have a large car, and don’t plan to move it around, the size and weight of the Concord Transformer XT are not a problem. And with washable covers and a huge age range (it adjusts to fit your child snugly from 3 – 11), you can get a lot of years out of your investment. But while my 3-year-old is happy to sit in this car seat, my 9-year-old goddaughter was less convinced. Her mum thought by the age of about 7 most children would probably want to sit on a regular booster cushion.

Who is the Concord Transformer XT best for?

Mums of with a large family car after a snooze-friendly, quality car seat that doesn’t need to be moved.

MadeForMums verdict:

The Concord Transformer XT is an all-singing, all-dancing car seat with a price tag (and weight) to match. It does everything you could wish for, and it does it easily. It’s super safe and little ones love it. Whether you’d keep your child in it as he or she got older is up for debate.


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Concord Child Car Seat Transformer XT Plus

design: Tawny Beige · 2020

Concord Child Car Seat Transformer XT Plus design: Tawny Beige · 2020

Outstanding operating comfort at the push of a button, classic minimalist design and optimum side impact protection make the Concord child car seat Transformer XT Plus one of a kind.

Group/ weight category:

  • Group 2/3
  • For children weighing from 15 kg up to 36 kg
  • Age suitability: from approx. 3 years up to 12 years

Corresponds to standard:

  • ECE R44 / 04

Installing the child safety seat in your vehicle is easily done by using the Twinfix system. The connectors can be extended and retracted at the touch of a button, allowing you to attach the XT Plus to the Isofix anchor points in the car much easier. Fastening your child is done by using the 3-point safety belt of your vehicle. When doing so, the belt is guided by the self-locking belt positioner which prevents the belt from slipping. With a weight approval of 15 kg to 36 kg, the Concord child car seat grows with your little one and can be adjusted smoothly to the size of your child.

The fully closed seat shell can be adapted to the size of your little passenger. The Variosize system allows you to continuously adjust the height and width of the shoulder protectors as well as the height of the headrest at the touch of a button. The lockable gas spring of the Procomfort system ensures an individual adjustment of both sitting and lying position at the touch of a button. The Triple Layer Impact Protection System of the shoulder protectors features three cushioning layers and provides optimum side impact protection.

Tip: The summer cover Cooly (sold separately) is an indispensable accessory on hot days, improves moisture transport and does not heat up too quickly in the sun.

The ergonomically shaped seat is perfect for making your little sweetheart travel particularly safe and comfortable. The comfort foam seat pad and the soft padded armrests provide a cosy place for leaning back, resting and taking a nap.

The outer shell in a classic black colour and the new fabrics of the current collection are classic whilst clean lines emphasise the minimalist design of the products by the manufacturer Concord.


  • Long service life of 3 to 12 years
  • Twinfix system – Isofix installation, connectors can be extended and retracted at the push of a button
  • Variosize and Procomfort System – height of the headrest and the height and width of the shoulder protectors as well as the seat/ inclination are smoothly adjustable by using a gas spring
  • Triple Layer Impact Protection – 3 cushioning layers for optimum side impact protection
  • Black outer shell
  • Removable, washable seat cover
  • Soft padded seat
  • Intuitive belt positioner

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