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WhatsApp Gold virus 2019: The ‘martinelli’ message explained

Of all the internet hoaxes out there, the WhatsApp Gold virus has to be one of the most consistent.

The hoax message, which encourages users to download a fake update named WhatsApp Gold, has been doing the round since 2016 and regularly pops up into the zeitgeist.

The messaging app, owned by Facebook, has previously confirmed that there is no such thing as WhatsApp Gold and it is in fact a hoax. There is also no official version of WhatsApp named WhatsApp Plus – another fake download that sometimes does the rounds and claims to be a version of the messaging app.

However, when the message does resurface it often sends users into a panic about what they should do if they receive the link.


Here’s everything you need to know about WhatsApp Gold, and what to do if you receive the message:

What is WhatsApp Gold and martinelli?


WhatsApp Gold is a hoax set up by scammers to dupe users into thinking there is a secret update that giving them enhanced features of the messaging app.

The scammers would send a link supposedly enabling people to download WhatsApp Gold, but in fact, meant users downloaded malware.

Martinelli is only related to WhatsApp Gold in the sense that they were referenced in the same message.

The message currently appearing on some users’ phones reads: “If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it, it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word.”

Martinelli created a similar panic to WhatsApp Gold in 2017, when a message began circulating about a video of the same name that would download a virus to your phone if it was opened.

It turned out no such video exists.

Why is the scare message circulating again?

WhatsApp Gold first hit headlines in 2016 when users started receiving messages about it.

The original version sent users a message reading: “Hey Finally Secret WhatsApp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities. Now we can use it too.”

Since becoming a major source of mobile messaging, WhatsApp has had its fair share of virus scares.

Past hoaxes have included promises of free flights and messages designed to fool people into thinking their phone number was about to be changed.

In August 2018, security researchers at Checkpoint found vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that allowed hackers to intercept and edit someone’s messages in a group chat. A recent flaw also had the potential to allow hackers to read messages, however WhatsApp says it fixed the issue before it could affect anyone.

What to do if you receive the WhatsApp Gold hoax message


Any updates to WhatsApp will usually happen automatically through the app itself. Be wary of clicking on links embedded in messages that promise something extra.

If you receive such a message, you should ignore it and delete it immediately.

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Sono sempre più numerosi e frequenti i casi di coupon truffa su Whatsapp che promettono sconti su negozi e marche ma si rivelano bufale pericolose che contengono virus o tentativi di phishing. Alzi la mano chi non ha ricevuto da uno dei suoi contatti Whatsapp uno di questi link con l’invito a cliccare e compilare i dati per approfittare di sconti allettanti.

Basta un click per condividere ed ecco che la truffa dei coupon diventa virale. Gli ideatori della catena hanno puntato sulle catene di negozi e sulle marche più amate dagli italiani quindi le vittime sono numerose.

Truffa coupon falsi sconti: quali sono le marche e i negozi su Whatsapp

Tra le prime truffe di finti sconti su Whatsapp c’è stata quella dei biglietti aerei. Ryanair e Easyjet le compagnie più citate in questi messaggi truffa. Poi si sono diffuse anche quelle dei negozi. Per un lungo periodo ha circolato il finto coupon H&M poi è stato divulgato quello di Ikea. Molto diffusi anche i finti coupon Zara, sempre per restare nel campo dell’abbigliamento. E ci sono state moltissime segnalazioni anche per i supermercati, soprattutto Carrefour. Non si è salvato neppure l’e-commerce: alcuni link promettevano sconti Amazon ad esempio. L’ultima “moda” invece prende di mira gli sportivi: in questi ultimi giorni infatti ci sono arrivate diverse segnalazioni su finti voucher Decathlon da 250 euro. E non mancano quelli che promettono sconti sulle confezioni di prodotti di marche specifiche, come l’ultima sui presunti cioccolatini Ferrero gratis. Presunti già, perché, anche in questo caso, si tratta di una bufala per cercare di entrare in possesso dei dati degli utenti e usarli per secondi fini.

Possibile che nel 2017 così tante persone credano ancora a queste trappole? Tre sono i punti di forza delle truffe dei finti coupon su Whatsapp:
1- puntano su catene di negozi e marchi diffusi su larga scala;
2- molti utenti condividono senza ricercare la fonte (cosa che basterebbe a non cadere nella trappola in questo caso);
3- giustificano sempre la presunta offerta con un anniversario del marchio o un’altra ricorrenza.

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Wuhan virus fears put squeeze on travel sector


AS FEARS stemming from the Wuhan virus outbreak put a damper on traffic to and from Greater China, hotels and travel companies in Singapore are reporting cancellations and lower occupancy; local restaurants are also reporting a fall in demand.

However, although they have started to take some health precautions, most companies in the services sector are taking a wait-and-see approach and looking out for further directives from the government.

All travel bookings to and from China have been cancelled at travel agency Dynasty Travel, where China-bound tours make up a fifth of its overall sales, said Alicia Seah, its director of marketing and communications. The company expects travel demand to drop sharply for the next one to two months.

Still, it hopes the industry will recover more quickly than it did from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak, since the Singapore and Chinese governments would be more prepared. «The current regulations imposed by the relevant authorities in China are a good way to curb the virus, so we hope it will be short-term pain but long-term gain,» Ms Seah said.

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At ASA Holidays, China tours scheduled to depart during the Chinese New Year holiday were cancelled and the flights fully refunded by Singapore Airlines. Tours that departed before the holiday were cut short.

Dynasty Travel and another travel agency SA Tours said they plan to implement cost-cutting measures: Dynasty Travel expects to reduce advertising and possibly working days for its staff; SA Tours spokesman Eva Wu said the agency will scale down events and reduce advertising for destinations in China, and brainstorm alternative tour destinations. It has not yet implemented temperature taking for its staff, but will consider doing so soon.

To help travel agencies cope, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (Natas) is working with pharmacies to get discounts on fever scanners for tour groups, said the Natas Inbound Committee chairman Samson Tan.

As to one travel agency’s suggestion that the Natas Travel Fair in February be postponed or cancelled if the situation does not improve by then, Mr Tan said Natas will observe what happens over the course of the coming week and make a decision at its next meeting.

Hotel booking and management platform RedDoorz has recorded a slight increase in the number of room cancellations, not just from those travelling from China but also those from other countries, like India, said its chief executive Amit Saberwal. RedDoorz is working with its partners to let customers from the affected countries change or cancel bookings without incurring cancellation fees.

Overall, hotels have stepped up their sanitation measures: Accor hotels Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford have issued instructions on additional procedures such as cleaning and disinfection, and identifying and managing suspected cases. Accor did not comment on whether bookings have been impacted, but the hotels are offering guests with prepaid or guaranteed bookings for stays between now and Feb 8 the options to either push the booking to a later date or cancel it for a full refund.

Local restaurants have taken a smaller hit, with business falling about 10 per cent at Dian Xiao Er outlets. Managing director Samuel Yik said the restaurant chain has emphasised frequent hand-washing and wearing of masks, and implemented daily temperature taking.

Eldwin Chua, chief executive of Chinese restaurant chain Paradise Group, said business in Singapore has fallen about 20 per cent, compared to the 90 per cent fall in his China outlets.

Paradise Group has implemented cost-cutting measures in China, such as placing about half its staff on unpaid leave, but Mr Chua believes the situation in Singapore does not call for similar measures here yet.

Meanwhile, retailers that The Business Times spoke to, such as Mustafa, Decathlon Singapore and Bengawan Solo, said they have felt minimal impact so far and are mainly following precautions advised by the government. Damien Tan, chief operating officer of lifestyle and menswear brand Benjamin Barker, said he expects sales to slow when Singaporeans start avoiding crowded places like malls.

Lifestyle brand Iuiga logged more online orders when its stores closed for the holiday weekend. Its chief growth officer Jaslyn Chan said if mall footfall continues falling, there could be opportunities to develop new products and services for those who shop from home.

Other companies on the alert for new developments include those in the cleaning industry, like environmental services firm Chye Thiam Maintenance.

One of two companies licensed by the National Environment Agency to carry out disinfection work, it has been on standby for the past two weeks and has followed the government’s advice on measures like having workers go on leave of absence after returning from China.

To prepare for an escalation, its employees have been reviewing internal procedures and various alert levels and preparing their personal protective equipment in case they are activated. The company said it is prepared for the outbreak and response to last a few months.

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  • Wuhan virus: More short-term pain but lasting damage unlikely

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Once Again, Christian Dior, Nike Inditex Top World’s Largest coca Apparel Companies.
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Si recibes un mensaje que promete regalar neveras y refrescos de Coca-Cola, ten cuidado. Nadie regala duros a cuatro pesetas, y menos dar presentes a cambio de contestar unas pocas preguntas. Se trata de un nuevo timo y que se ha hecho viral en las últimas horas utilizando como gancho a la famosa marca de bebidas energéticas.

Igual que ocurrió hace unos días con los cupones falsos de Zara o tiempo atrás con el ofrecimiento de un año gratis de Netflix y de la cadena de supermercados Dia, detrás de la falsa promoción de Coca-Cola se esconde piratas informáticos con intereses maliciosos.

La promoción de Coca-Cola promete regalar bebidas refrescantes y una nevera de edición limitada con motivo del 24 cumpleaños de la empresa. ¿Qué hay que hacer para conseguir este lote de productos? Contestar a tres sencillas preguntas y dar tu información personal.

Coca-Cola con sabor a café, la última bizarrada japonesa

Este es el mensaje que están recibiendo los usuarios con la falsa promoción de Coca-Cola a través de WhatsApp.

En él se puede leer lo siguiente: se puede leer lo siguiente: «Miraaaaa! Coca-Cola para celebrar su cumpleaños está regalando una nevera edición limitada !!!» Y al final un link una página web que redirige al usuario a una página externa donde se encuentra con una encuesta con tres preguntas.

Otra modalidad del mensaje difundido a través de WhatsApp reza esto: «Nevera edición limitada que contiene 24 Coca-Cola… Quedan aún 69 unidades disponibles. Responde a estas 3 simples preguntas y consigue un fantástico regalo».

Estos son los móviles más vendidos en Amazon España

No hagas caso porque se trata de una campaña de phishing que tiene como objetivo hacerse con los datos de quienes caen en la trampa.

La alerta del timo de Coca-Cola la ha dado la Policía Nacional desde su cuenta de Twitter después de que comprobar que numerosos usuarios están recibiendo esta falsa promoción en sus teléfonos móviles.

«No es una promo oficial. Quieren tus datos, colarte malware o suscribirte a servicios premium» reza en el tuit colgado alertando de la estafa de Coca-Cola junto con el hasthag #NOPIQUES.

Hoy toca phishing de @CocaCola_es#NOPIQUES, no es una promo oficial. Quieren tus datos, colarte malware o suscribirte a servicios premium.

— Policía Nacional (@policia) 26 de septiembre de 2017

Entre los comentarios encontramos la respuesta de Coca-Cola a través de la usuaria @lore_cocacola perteneciente al Centro de Interacción con el Consumidor (CIC) de la compañía. «¡Hola! Esto no es una promoción de Coca-Cola España. Es un bulo y le recomendamos, para evitar estafas, no dar ningún dato».

¡Hola! Esto no es una promoción de Coca-Cola España. Es un bulo y le recomendamos, para evitar estafas, no dar ningún dato.

— Lorena_CocaCola (@lore_cocacola) 26 de septiembre de 2017

Te aconsejamos que para evitar fraudes como este, no te fíes de campañas publicitarias que no sean oficiales, que contengan faltas de ortografía y que no redirigan a un sitio web oficial.

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